Our company is definitely worth taking a look at! Investing in yourself and your family now, means you are making choice's today for your and their future! With the rising cost of goods and services today, it's no wonder that Americans are looking for ways to say money everywhere they can. For over 25 years, we have helped over 500,000 companies and customers take advantage of our services and local discounts...Including restaurants, everyday shops, entertainment, food delivery, travel, professional care services such as TeleDoc, Aetna Dental, Vision, Prescription, Legal Services, Pet Care, and much more!

Great Savings for Your Family's Entire Healthcare Needs!
Healthcare is one of the most costly expenses in America today and the average household is either uninsured or underinsured and struggling to find affordable access to healthcare even if they have insurance.  Many traditional insurance companies leave their customers with large deductibles, out of pocket costs and gaps in their coverage.

Our benefit plans are different!  We help individuals,  families, and small businesses gain access to affordable healthcare nationwide.  We offer discount healthcare benefit plans that are not insurance, but they CAN save you money, up to 60%, on services like dental, healthcare, vision, prescriptions, hearing, diabetic supplies, shopping, dining, travel and more! There are NO waiting periods, NO deductibles, NO paperwork, NO age limits, NO provider visit limitations with our plans!  You can use our benefit plans as many times a year as you'd like! Plans start at $9.95/month PER HOUSEHOLD!!!

Another huge difference in our plans versus traditional insurance is that we cover EVERYONE in your household, for one low price, regardless of age, physical condition, relationship to you or previous or on-going medical situations. Here are just a few reasons why to choose our discount service card:

We all know the sad facts about healthcare in America. Healthcare costs are steadily skyrocketing. Every day people like you and I are encountering health costs for rising prescription expenses or unexpected hospital/doctor visits which can lead to extreme financial stress. Sadly, in some cases, families are forced even into bankruptcy.

More and more companies are downsizing and not even offering healthcare to their employees. Many people have pre-existing conditions that limits their ability to meet insurance guidelines.

Procard International has excellent savings for your entire family! No longer does anyone have to go without great savings for all of your family's needs.

EVERYONE qualifies!! It does not matter what type of pre-existing condition you may have. You get discounts each and every time you present your discount card at participating providers.

For as low as $9.95/month you can save 10%-60% on Dental, Optical, Rx and Physician services at over 350,000 providers nationwide!

If you already have insurance coverage, you may still receive an additional 10%-60% off of your portion.

Unlimited doctor visits, prescriptions, eye care, dental, and more!

Absolutely NO paperwork, NO age limits, and NO health restrictions, and NO pre-screening to see if you have pre-existing conditions to affect eligibility.
Want to start saving money?  

Consumers (Families & individuals): If working with us is not a fit for you, you can still save money on your everyday expenses! 

Businesses: Have a small business? Offer our benefits to your employees and receive a 25% group rate discount when two (2) or more employees enroll. 

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About Us

Denise Finochiaro
Marketing Associate

For over 25 years, our members have been enjoying local discounts at thousands of their favorite Professional Service Providers including Physicians, Dentists, Optometrists, Pharmacies, Attorneys, Restaurants, EveryDay Shops, Entertainment, Food Delivery, Travel, And Much More...Procard, llc. (DBA Procard International, PCI) was established over (25) years ago.
(PCI) represents over 500,000 local businesses
PCI has over 10,000 Associates
PCI has maintained GOOD standing with virtually ALL recognized regulatory and consumer organizations for more than (25) years
PCI's (CSI) Customer Satisfaction Index is over 94%. And its complaint ratio is less than .0001% (1/10,000)
All Online Support Staff have a minimum of (5) years experience with PCI
Approximately 78% of PCI Associates work part-time with PCI
Over 64% of all PCI Accounts stay Active for (5+) years